Commonhaus Foundation Project Governance

Welcome to the Commonhaus Foundation (CF), a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing open source projects through collaborative innovation.

Governance overview

The Foundation operates in accordance with the CF Bylaws, which outline our operational principles and practices.

CF Council (CFC)

The CFC oversees strategic and operational decisions. To engage with the council, use our online form or initiate a GitHub discussion.

Extended Governance Committee (EGC)

The EGC is a joint body formed from members of the CFC and a representative for each foundation project. It plays a crucial role in ensuring diverse project perspectives are included in foundation-wide decisions.


CF Membership is open to individuals who support our mission. Active members gain voting rights and participate in elections.

Advisory Board

Organizations providing financial support to the CF appoint representatives to the CF Advisory Board, which provides strategic guidance to the CFC.

Decision making

Decisions at CF follow the Lazy Consensus model, ensuring every member has a say. For details, see Decision Making.

Record keeping

The CF is committed to maintaining thorough and accessible records of its activities as documented in Record Keeping.

Code of Conduct

All participants in the project are expected to adhere to the project's Code of Conduct. Please ensure you are familiar with its guidelines and expectations, as it's essential for maintaining a positive and collaborative environment.

Trademark policy

CF logos, icons, and domain names are protected by trademark rights. Usage of these trademarks must adhere to our Trademark Policy.


Contributions in all forms are welcome. Check out our Contributing Guidelines for more information.