Branding Guidelines

Our visual and verbal identity mirrors our dedication to fostering open source communities and promoting collaborative development. This guide offers a detailed look at the appropriate application of our brand assets.

Logo usage

Our logo symbolizes our foundation's dedication to the principles and values that guide our efforts. It is essential to use our logo with care and consistency, adhering to these guidelines:

Color palette

Our color palette has been carefully selected to represent our brand's characteristics: growth, innovation, and reliability. Please use the following color codes for digital and print materials:


Our primary typeface is Figtree. Use it for headings, body text, and any other textual content associated with our brand.

Editorial style

When writing or creating content for the Commonhaus Foundation, please adhere to the following to ensure consistency and clarity:


For questions about using our brand assets or for further information not covered in these guidelines, please contact

Thank you for helping us maintain the integrity of the Commonhaus Foundation's brand.