Trademark Policy

This document provides guidelines for the use of the Commonhaus Foundation's (CF) trademarks, ensuring they are used in a manner that promotes our open source projects while maintaining their integrity and value.

Our trademarks, including the Commonhaus Foundation name, logo, and any project names, represent the quality and reliability our community has come to expect. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact us.

Covered Trademarks


This policy applies to all CF and CF project Marks whether they are registered or not.

This policy covers all trademarks and service marks associated with the Commonhaus Foundation, known as “Marks.” This includes:

Our commitment to these Marks reflects their importance to our identity and reputation. Registration is not a prerequisite for protection under this policy.

A non-exhaustive list of our Marks, including registered trademarks, service marks, pending registrations, and marks in use, is available at

Trademark Usage Guidelines


Having an open source license means you're free to use and change the software, but it doesn't grant you the right to use our trademarks, such as logos or project names. To use our Marks, you'll need to follow the guidelines set out in this policy.

The Commonhaus Foundation aims to foster community engagement with our trademarks, supporting their use in ways that highlight and extend the reach of our projects. Our guidelines are designed to maintain the marks as symbols of quality and trust, balancing open community involvement with the need to protect the Foundation's reputation and the value of our marks.

A copyright license, even an open source copyright license, does not include an implied right or license to use a trademark that may be related to the project developing the licensed software or other materials. Because open source licenses permit unrestricted modification of the copyrighted software, and the Commonhaus Foundation has no intention of interfering with that right, your right to use any specific trademark of the Commonhaus Foundation is not determined by your use of software made available under an open source license. Your right to use a Mark of the Commonhaus Foundation is provided for in this policy and in the statement of permitted use, if any, that may accompany the trademark notice displayed on a CF project website.

Proper use of Commonhaus Foundation trademarks by following these trademark usage guidelines protects the value of the Commonhaus Foundation trademarks. Any use of or reference to the Commonhaus Foundation trademarks that is inconsistent with this trademark policy, or use of marks that are confusingly similar to trademarks of the Commonhaus Foundation, is prohibited.

All uses of Commonhaus Foundation trademarks, and all goodwill associated therewith, will inure solely to the benefit of the Commonhaus Foundation.

Acknowledgment and Symbols

Compatibility and Interoperability

You may use the Word Marks, but not the Logos, to truthfully describe the relationship between your software and ours. The use of the Mark cannot be used to imply that the Commonhaus Foundation or its projects are sponsoring or endorsing your product.

The following are examples of proper and improper usage of these trademarks of the CF Marks:

Example usage
Correct<your product name> for <CF Mark>
Correct<your product/company name> plug-in for <CF Mark>
Correct<your product name> compatible with <CF Mark>
Correct<your product name> for use with <CF Mark>
CorrectQuick Start for <CF Mark> by <your company name>
Incorrect<CF Mark> <your product name>
Incorrect<CF Mark> by <your company name>
Incorrect<CF Mark> - <your product name>
Incorrect<your product/company name> - <CF Mark>
Incorrect<CF Mark> Quick Start by <your company name>

Proper Use of CF Marks

Use in Community Engagement

Marks may be used to discuss and reference CF projects provided the use does not imply CF endorsement and is consistent with the preservation of the goodwill and value of the Mark.

Visual Identity

Commonhaus Trademarks and Crowdfunding

The Commonhaus Foundation recognizes that some projects may wish to use a project trademark when raising funds through crowdfunding platforms. These activities are not official foundation efforts, even if they are coordinated by core participants from our projects. Since crowdfunding operates externally to the Commonhaus Foundation, you must obtain permission before using a Commonhaus trademark on any crowdfunding page.

In exchange for using the mark, the Commonhaus requires the administrator of the crowdfunding effort to adhere to these three policies:

  1. You must have a policy that contributors and recipients disclose their legal or known names and company affiliations to the administrator of the funds.

  2. Projects must be clear about how they decide to distribute funds to individual contributors.

  3. You must include the following disclaimer on the crowdfunding page, replacing [Project Name] with the name of the project whose logo you plan to use:

"This crowdfunding page supports independent contributors of the [Project Name] open source project. The Commonhaus Foundation does not endorse, administer, or control this page. Donations made here will go directly to the individuals contributing to [Project Name], and not to the Commonhaus Foundation. The [Project Name] marks are used under license from the Commonhaus Foundation for the open source community's benefit."

To request permission to use a mark, use our online form.

Finally, if you are raising money through crowdfunding, be aware that you are not acting on behalf of the Commonhaus Foundation. It is your responsibility to know and follow all applicable laws.



While we stand by the quality and integrity of our trademarks, we can't promise they won't overlap with others' rights or that pending trademarks will definitely be granted. Also, if you use our marks within our guidelines but someone challenges you legally, you're responsible for handling it.

The Commonhaus Foundation does not make any express or implied warranties, including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of any third party intellectual property rights.

The Commonhaus Foundation does not warrant that any pending trademark applications for trademarks of the Commonhaus Foundation will result in any granted trademark protection.

The Commonhaus Foundation shall not be liable for any claims relating to user’s activities falling within the scope of the permission and user hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Commonhaus Foundation and its contributors harmless against any such claims.

Modifications and Updates

The Commonhaus Foundation may modify or update this Trademark Policy as needed. You are responsible for staying informed about the most recent trademark guidelines. Amendments or changes to this policy will follow the amendment process. The current version will be published here:

Contact and Further Information

The list of Commonhaus Foundation’s registered trademarks, pending registrations and trademarks in use can be found at

We value input from our community in maintaining the integrity of the Commonhaus Foundation's trade and service marks.

If you have questions with respect to these guidelines or to report concerns regarding the use or misuse of a trademark of the Commonhaus Foundation, or to obtain written permission for a proposed use of Commonhaus trademarks, use our online form.


This policy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (“CC BY 4.0”, available at

This work is inspired by the OpenJS Foundation Trademark Policy (licensed under “CC BY 4.0”), and the GNOME Foundation's Trademark Usage Guidelines for Third Parties