About us

The Commonhaus Foundation champions the growth and stability of open source projects by fostering a community where developers, contributors, and users support each other. Together, we ensure the sustainable development of essential open source libraries and frameworks.

Our guiding principles

By embodying these principles, the Commonhaus Foundation aims to provide a nurturing home for open source projects, where innovation is celebrated, collaboration is encouraged, and long-term success is achieved.

Our mission, vision and focus

We want to empower a diverse community of developers, contributors, and users to create, maintain, and evolve open source libraries and frameworks, ensuring long-term growth and stability through shared stewardship and community collaboration.

We envision a welcoming ecosystem where open source projects grow through collaboration and mutual support, simplifying participation for all by moving beyond conventional governance hurdles.

We prioritize Application Frameworks and Libraries that are critical for developers. We support self-governing, code-centric projects, steering clear of specifications and standards debates to focus on tangible outcomes.

Community and sponsorship

Our doors are open to everyone passionate about open source innovation. We invite all individuals, not just code contributors, to participate and help shape our organization. Our Bylaws detail membership and governance, emphasizing collaboration, diverse perspectives, and advisory input from our Advisory Board to align sponsorship with community interests.

Current Councilors

Commonhaus Foundation Councilors represent community interests and ensure the foundation operates responsibly. Elected by CF Members, they serve as the voice of our community, prioritizing the CF community's interests in their decision-making.

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Founder, Treasurer

Senior Developer Advocate @ GitLab. Former @ Red Hat, IBM, Oracle, BEA Systems, TIBCO, Lucent Technologies, AT&T Bell Labs.

Term start: 2023
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Erin Schnabel
Founder, Chair

Java Champion. Distinguished Engineer and maker of things @ Red Hat. Former @IBM.

Term start: 2023
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Ken Finnigan
Founder, Secretary

Open source engineer, observability, OpenTelemetry, author, amateur genealogist. Currently on a break.

Term start: 2023

Note: Founding councilors will stand for election as their terms expire.

Current Project Representatives

Our project representatives play a pivotal role in the Commonhaus Foundation's Extended Governance Committee (EGC), ensuring that the perspectives of each foundation project are represented in foundation-wide decisions.

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Max Rydahl Andersen

Danish guy enjoying working on open source software. Making things happen at Red Hat.

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Andres Almiray

I code for fun and help others in the process. Java Champion. Co-founder of Hackergarten & Hack.Commit.Push. Creator of @jreleaser 🚀

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Justin Lee

Java Champion. Kotlin fanatic. Bit twiddler. New Yorker. Senior Software Engineer at @datadog

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Tim te Beek

Staff software engineer at Moderne, supporting the OpenRewrite community.

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Tatu Saloranta

Java Champion, OSS tinkerer, probably best known as "Dr Jackson".

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Gavin King

Distinguished Engineer at IBM / Red Hat.

Creator of @Hibernate, @cdi-spec, and @ceylon.

Working on @jakartaee Persistence and Data specifications.

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Marco Vermeulen

Polyglot FP on the JVM @EqualExperts. Creator of @sdkman, co-author of Manning Functional Programming in Kotlin https://bit.ly/fpinkotlin

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Henri Tremblay
Objenesis, EasyMock

Java Champion. Leads EasyMock and Objenesis and contributes to Ehcache. Loves optimization and productivity. In Java and in general. Likes to be useful.

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Java geek and open-source enthusiast, leading projects here and there. Feign lead, QueryDSL stalwart, and Commonhaus advocate.

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The Commonhaus Foundation relies on the participation of a global community. Whether you're a developer, contributor, project leader, or simply passionate about open source, there are many ways to contribute and make an impact. From joining discussions, contributing to projects, or participating in governance, your voice and contributions are valued here.

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