Welcome to the Commonhaus Foundation (CF), a collective dedicated to nurturing open source projects through collaboration and innovation. These bylaws provide a detailed guide to our governance structure and outline your role within our community.

Key Terms

Decision Making and Voting

Our decision-making process, based on Lazy Consensus, values every member’s voice, ensuring equality and empowerment.

Record Keeping

We commit to thorough and accessible documentation of CF activities, detailed in Record Keeping.

Governance Policies

In addition to our bylaws, the Commonhaus Foundation (CF) adopts specific policies to address focused areas of our operations and community interactions.

See the index of CF policies for a complete list.

Bylaw change process

The foundation repository is the authoritative source for Commonhaus Foundation (CF) Bylaws.

The CF Council (CFC) must review bylaws at least annually to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Extended Governance Committee (EGC) (EGC: CFC + Project Leads) jointly review and approve bylaw changes. For details on amending the bylaws, refer to the amendment process.

Amendments or changes to Bylaws will follow the amendment process.