Amendments to CF Bylaws and Policies

Amendments and changes to CF Bylaws and Policies are proposed, reviewed, and approved using the following process.

  1. Proposal submission: Amendments are proposed via a GitHub pull request (PR) in the Bylaws repository. This PR should detail the changes and their rationale.

  2. Categorization of changes: The CFC reviews each proposal to classify it as either 'Trivial' (e.g., typographical corrections) or 'Substantive' (affecting governance or operations). Trivial Changes may be quickly approved, whereas Substantive Changes undergo a detailed review.

  3. Community involvement: For Substantive Changes, a 30-day review period allows all members to provide feedback. This step is vital for incorporating diverse perspectives.

  4. Review and approval: Amendments are reviewed and revised according to the Decision Making section, focusing on thorough discussion and aiming for consensus. Approval follows a final vote, considering the defined voting groups and thresholds as detailed in the CF Council documentation.

  5. Implementation: Approved amendments are promptly reflected in the Bylaws repository, with the changes effective immediately unless otherwise specified.

This process ensures that amendments to the Bylaws are made with consideration, transparency, and the consensus of the CF community.