Exciting news: our bot can count votes!


We've introduced a bot to automate parts of our voting process.

Here's how it simplifies our decision-making:

  • Targeted Voting: It counts votes specifically from different groups within our organization like the cf-council, egc, founders, or general members.

  • Flexible Voting Criteria: It supports various voting methods, including Martha's rules (approve, okay, revise), unique comments, or any type of reaction.

How this works (item == PR or discussion):

  1. When an item is tagged with vote/open, the posts a summary comment and adds a link to this summary at the top of the discussion/PR description. This link also includes a visual indicator of the voting status.
  2. The bot will periodically check the reactions (or count comments) on open items with the vote/open label, and will update its comment with the current status (how many votes in total, how many from the target/required group).
  3. When the comment is updated, a GH Action sends a notification to the website repository, which will regenerate the related results page and status indicator.

The bot already sends emails to the announce list when labels (notice, vote/open) are added to items.

We're still fine-tuning the process for concluding a vote, but the counting mechanism is excellent.

See it in action here:

Updates to the website look and feel are coming soon. ;)