๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿš€ From launch to growth: What's next?


We're truly overwhelmed by the positive response and support from all of youโ€”it's clear we're filling a much-needed gap in the open-source ecosystem, and your enthusiastic feedback has confirmed just that. A heartfelt thank you to everyone whoโ€™s shown their support and enthusiasm for what weโ€™re building together.

Why Sponsor?

As we gear up to expand and solidify our operations, we're inviting everyone in our community to consider a small sponsorshipโ€”just $1 per month or $8 per year.

Why ask for this commitment? It's straightforward: We aim to maintain our independence and steer clear of relying solely on vendor support. Each sponsorship represents more than just a donation; it's a powerful affirmation, a way of saying, "I'm in!"

This support is crucial for covering our minimal operating expenses and allowing us to remain driven by the community, for the community.

How We Use the Funds

To ensure transparency, we manage our funds through OpenCollective. Hereโ€™s a breakdown of our current expenses:

  • General Infrastructure: We cover ongoing expenses for Google Workspace, which serves as our hub for durable resource storage and foundation mailing lists. We also maintain a subscription to forwardemail.net for our *@commonhaus.dev addresses and fund a VPS that handles our automation and bots.
  • Legal Assistance: Aaron Williamson at Williamson Legal is helping us finalize our policies and procedures. Up next are our privacy policies and official project onboarding/fiscal hosting agreements.

Members, Members, Members

Our primary focus is on expanding project membership. We plan to add two additional members to the Council, and we want these new representatives to be elected by our community.

If you're already a sponsor, please consider taking the extra step to become a member. Membership is opt-in, and we sincerely hope you'll join us.

Looking Ahead

Our ambitions don't stop here. We're actively seeking larger corporate sponsors and will soon establish sponsorship tiers on Open Collective. These contributions will help us cover more than just daily expensesโ€”they'll support trademark costs for projects that require them and will allow us to pursue other avenues for increased participation and engagements, like bug bounties, apprenticeships, or subsidized travel for project-centric meetups.

We're just getting started, and with your continued support, Commonhaus can become a sustainable and essential part of the open-source landscape.

Thank you once again for an outstanding launch week. Hereโ€™s to many more milestones and successes as a community!

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