The Commonhaus Foundation (CF) is a membership organization. Your involvement in the CF, whether as a project representative or a general member, shapes the future of open source innovation. We value each contribution and encourage active participation in our diverse and vibrant community.

The following section outlines the different types of membership and the process for becoming a member.


A project within the CF represents collaborative innovation in open source technology. These projects are dynamic collectives of individual contributors, functioning as self-organizing units rather than formal legal entities.[1]

Flexible and Inclusive Structure: Projects vary in size and scope—a project might have a single repository, or it might encompass multiple repositories. Whether it's a single focused effort or a collection of related initiatives, each project is defined by common goals and shared assets, including code, trademarks, and domains. While the CF uses GitHub as the primary platform for collaboration, projects may be hosted on other platforms as well.

Project Representation

Diverse Voices, Unified Decision-Making: Each project within the Commonhaus Foundation (CF) has its unique perspective, and its own legitimate interests in decisions taken by the foundation as a whole. To ensure that every project has a say in the direction of the foundation, each project appoints a representative to the Extended Governance Committee (EGC).

The EGC representative:

Dedicated Representation: If an EGC representative is elected to the CF Council (CFC), we recommend appointing an additional representative for the EGC (if possible) to ensure project-specific needs are represented.

General Members

Join as an individual[2]. Membership to the CF is open to all individuals who meet the outlined eligibility criteria and want to support the foundation's mission or the development of its projects.

Membership Rights and Requirements

As a member, you're not just a part of our community; you shape its future. You're entitled to:

Relevant Florida Statute(s):

Membership Dues and Renewal

While the CF thrives on the passion and contributions of its members, nominal membership dues play a small but vital role in sustaining our operations.

Inactive or Retired Members

Life happens, and we understand that. Members may choose to step back or retire, and we respect that decision.

Inactive members (of any type) do not have the right to vote in elections and are ineligible for CFC membership.

To transition from inactive to active status, a member must meet eligibility criteria for active membership.

Relevant Florida Statute(s):

Suspension and Revocation of Membership

The CFC may suspend or revoke the membership of any member that is found to be in violation of CF policies.

These situations will be recorded as violations of the Code of Conduct and handled as per the Code of Conduct Resolution process.

The decision to revoke or suspend membership is made by a supermajority vote of the CFC. The member in question will be notified of the decision and the reasons for it.

Relevant Florida Statute(s):

  1. Contributors may be affiliated with various organizations or companies, but they contribute as individuals. ↩︎

  2. Companies (or similar legal entities) can ensure their views are represented by appointing a representative to the advisory board. ↩︎